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Wellness camp at Mayor World School

We usually think of nutrition and diet when it comes to adult life, sportsperson lifestyle or for celebrities. The one thing we hardly consider is nutrition and dietetics in terms of children/school-goers. So today, we will be discussing the role of nutrition and dietetics in the growth and development of children. Dietitian Shreya visited the Mayor World School and had the opportunity to share her views on nutrition and its impact and need for Children in the wellness camp organized by the school. Dietitian Shreya is not only an inspiration for the adults also for these kids.

This wellness camp was organized on 10th October, 2015, in Jalandhar in order to shed some light on nutritional aspect on children who are transitioning from their preteen stage to their teenage stage. The developmental requirements of both these stages are different and there is a hormonal change that occurs during this transition. In the seminar, she asked the students to curb their junk cravings and stressed on the importance of nutrient-rich food like green vegetables, dairy products, pulses, and eggs. These contain an ample amount of minerals, vitamins and protein essential for the development for a teenage body.

She further touched on the topic of, ‘menstruation’ and discussed the certain problems girls usually face during the periods. She helped them to learn new coping mechanisms hacks that could hep them deal with their mood swings.

Apart from this she covered the topic of common ailments like dengue, Ebola virus, AIDS, typhoid, breast cancer and how we can keep ourselves safe in an unpolluted environment.

Then the floor was opened to discuss some questions that children might have and they raised some important questions which Dietitian Shreya helped answer. Some of the major questions were regarding myths about food and she certainly helped bust these myths by logically answering the facts about certain nutrients of the food product.

It was a truly enriching time for the kids and Dietitian Shreya enjoyed the interaction very much as well.

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