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Healthy Choco Kiwi Ice-Cream Recipe

You can make an ice-cream version of this by putting the lollipops in the freezer

Ingredients (8 lollipops):

– 2 kiwi fruit (160 g)

– 15 g coconut oil

– 65 g +85% dark chocolate

– 8 lollipops sticks


– Break the chocolate into small pieces

– Melt the coconut oil on a low fire

– Add the small pieces of chocolate to the melted coconut oil

– Take of the fire while stirring

– Peel the kiwi fruit and cut each kiwi fruit in 4 pieces

– Stick each lollipop stick into 1 slice of kiwi fruit

– Put the lollipop in the melted chocolate. Make sure every side is covered.

– If you want to make a lollipop ice cream, put the lollipops in the freezer.

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