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“Best Voted Dietician North” Medico pride award

There is no diet that will do, what eating healthy will do for you, says Dietitian Mrs. Shreya, a Post Graduate in Nutrition & Dietetics from PGIMER Chandigarh and a Post Graduate Diploma holder in Physiotherapy and Nutrition.

Her experience in dietary guidance for adults is validated by The Fortis Hospital also she was the Councilor and Diet Expert of our countless youngsters for their Mid Day Meals scheme under Sarv Shiksha Abhyan Chandigarh U.T.

Dt. Sherya Goel has won the “Best Voted Dietitian North” Medico pride award conducted by “Indian Association of Entrepreneurs and Service Providers” and “Godwin Research” jointly. Also she is the winner of “Ek Asha” award conducted by Aashray (N.G.O.) for her services in providing dietary guidance to our loved ones at city beautiful and helping us to educate as many people as possible about Weight loss, Diabetes due to overweight, pregnancy malnutrition, and many others.

The awardees were judged on the criteria of social schemes they started, how efficient were those schemes, and how many people benefited from these schemes. We were judged as 100% customer satisfaction and Genuine dietary advise, Par excellence in our work. Participants have lost 9-11 kg a month of fatty weight and not muscular weight, no dietary side effects were recorded from any participant.

But before we talk about our achievement let’s remember our beginning. Treating our families and friends since 2007 Mrs. Shreya saw that the society was strangled in the chains of myths that were alarming not only as a dietitian but also as a human being, relinquishing the society from the gorge of the myths she came up with idea of a Family clinic and a program by the name of FIT TRI CITY 2014 that includes a Diet Cafe, Diet On Wheels Program and the upcoming project Just Diet a dietary magazine all these are the pioneers in the city. The FIT TRI CITY 2014 being supported by Dainik Bhaskar and Dabur Real juices.

A few of our schemes that were started with recognition of U.T. administration under the supervision of Mr. Pawan Kumar Bansal were the Diet Cafe, The Diet on Wheels, The Gur-Channa scheme, the Weight Loss Challenge and many more.

The Diet on wheels not only assist the elderlies and the ones on the bed rest but also our corporate executives who rarely get time to grab a proper meal and for whom eating at home means ordering a pizza while they relax on their lounge chairs. She not only caters to the need of obese but also to the need of our body builders and future models giving them “To Die For Looks”. This initiative of Dt. Shreya family clinic is first of its kind in the world which was started with an aim of helping those who cannot cook their own food or are not aware of how to cook their diet meals. The program aims at the dietitian being fully responsible of ones diet, putting the dietitian as a commander of this ship. It helps not only the elderly but also the bed ridden and the corporates.

The Diet Cafe brings to The Chandigarhians an era of healthy eating and living giving them some of the most lips smacking ways to cook their routinely Quinoa or Jackfruit. The dietary planner with a sense of good taste is what describes Mrs. Shreya, so when ever in need of a brainiac to give your lips a blessing and your hips a blissing i suggest you set an appointment with her. Diet cafe being another initiative in Chandigarh is a pioneer in India and the First of its kind where we cater not to the unhealthy edibles but gives a kick of healthy, nutritional and hygienic Feasts. We not only cook for you but we help you learn the art of cooking healthier for your family, friends and most importantly yourself.

The Gur-Channa scheme was started in 2006 with a motive of eradicating malnutrition in kids and pregnant women as the food is rich in Fiber and Iron which is helpful in checking Anemia and building muscular weight.

The Weight loss challenge was started on 1st January and was a 30 days program which was greatly appreciated by our folks of The City Beautiful. Mr. Anirudh who won the challenge lost 11 kg in a month of fatty weight. He reported no side effects during the program and even after it completed.

A number of social events conducted by our team in and around The City Beautiful include our visit to the Madhuvan police academy to train D.S.Ps. in healthy dietary habits, our counseling sessions at Rotary Club Chandigarh and Rotary Club Punchkula, also a seminar conducted for I.A.S. association at The Panjab University sector 15 are few feathers in her hat.

A few names who have benefited through our programs are-:

1. Majhuri R. Jacob.

2. Michael- V.P. Security, North country mall.

3. Amarjyoti.

4. Parvinder Batra.

all of them were able to lose 9-11 kg through our Diet on wheels and our Diet cafe.

It is not just an individual’s but a collaborated effort through which we were able to achieve such magnitude of appreciation in such small period of time. We thank Chandigarh to give us an opportunity to serve them and also to show trust in our guidance. We thank our team of qualified personals who have seen our vision of a healthier city and have stood by us day in and day out in making it a reality.

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