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Dietitian Shreya launches her Multi-Speciality Diet Clinic

Dietitian Shreya launches her Multi-Specialty Diet Clinic

It is no secret that diet cures more than doctors and once we understand this notion, the journey to healing thy self would not be too long. Moreover, there is no physician other than nature; which can not only cure diseases but also eradicate the cause of illness. So, with this conviction, I, Dt. Shreya, along with my team has inaugurated India’s best Multi-specialty diet clinic on 30th November, 2017 (Thursday) to give my contribution towards society in the best possible way to heal patients with all natural powers.

This small initiative, which I run along with my team, has started in the most planned city of India  -Chandigarh. Although, we as a team have been working significantly for this social cause of treating people with natural remedies. This is not only limited to Chandigarh but also covers major areas of north India since an extended period and includes Haryana, Punjab, Delhi and the time is not too far for us to expand into the roots of other parts of India and the World.

Multi-specialty – The word narrates that we are not only going to cure disease and illness. Instead, we are going to diagnose the cause and fight back to eradicate the cause.
How diets can be Multi-special?
Nothing in this world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance towards the refurbishment of the place where our soul resides. The place is none other than our body. Diet-related diseases are a leading cause of death, costing health care system a massive amount of funds each year. So, we came up with a solution to avoid and prevent through the adoption of a healthy diet and lifestyle. Diabetes, cancer, obesity, osteoporosis, dental disease, hair fall, Alzheimer’s disease, memory loss, hypertension, and hypothyroidism are becoming an epidemic in the present scenario. The only effective remedy for all the blunders is having a balanced diet.

Brain – The CPU of our body system functions properly with the combination of whole foods including dark chocolate, tomatoes, salmon oil, nuts, and seeds.
Eyes – The mirror of our soul has to be nourished by eating salmon, vegetables like spinach, kale.
Heart – Let’s have a heart to heart to cure heart disease for which we need to salmon, oatmeal, soy, broccoli, flax seeds and pomegranate.
Belly fat – Your belly goes flat with the smart planning of your diet. Ginger turmeric tea is the golden drink which fits you in the dresses of your desire. Almonds, avocado, legumes (avoided for high uric acid patients) and many more.
Diabetes – Diabetes is the only word then why makes it a part of life, and it is cured solely by our diets.
Winters, the time to be more foodie and also the opportunity to full the pockets of doctors to get cured of common disorders like cold, cough, and fever. We have decoction water which we recommend, and one can avoid being the victim of antigens which attacks our immune system.

There is a very common saying that every cause is the only remedy to itself.
There strikes a question? Do our taste buds really need to be subjunctive of all tasty foods or do we need to starve to cure chronic diseases? The answer to this question is healthy eating plate containing vegetables, fruits, protein, whole grains in desired proportion. This is not a tough task to achieve. There is only need to do slight changes, for instance, saturated fats replaced by saturated fats including omega-3 fatty acids, generous consumption of fruits, vegetables, and folic acid; consume cereal products in their whole-grain high fiber form; limits sugar and sodium intake.

Divergence in our diet clinic
The prison has no walls. It has only lines that mark the ground around you. Inside the lines are your old ideas and outside are the new ideas that invite you to step over and escape your prison. Dare to try these ideas and your illness promise to recede. Coming back to perception, how we stand differently than others?

Medicine drop box initiated by us, aims to provide a responsible means of disposing drugs which we have made an inseparable part of the life to cure chronic disorder. It’s time to say goodbye to all unwanted pills and let food be thy medicine.

Also, we appreciate your efforts rather than ignoring which means the day you achieve your health goals with our combined efforts you will be awarded a Completion Certificate to zeal your motivation.

Nevertheless, there is also quarterly evaluation of blood reports of our clients.
Clinical nutrition is the best service we try to provide to our clients using our D-treatment program. Various diet programs for expecting mother adds fuel to fire. Challenges are what make life exciting, and overcoming is what makes life meaningful. Adding meaning to the lives of millions, we hold 100% record in curing diabetes with our non-starvation diets.

A Medical Identification Card is the most significant feature we provide our clients. It bears a message that the wearer has an important medical condition that might require immediate attention. The primary motive is to notify the physician, paramedic or emergency department personnel about the health information if the Medical Identification Card Holder is not in a state to explain the details or health problems.

Diet Cafe
The moment people realize that it is time to visit clinic the fear of consistent intake of pills petrify them. Our clinic is not merely a clinic but a Diet cafe where you come with 99 problems and we together overcome at least 89 of them solely by encouraging to eat right. The diet plans we provide our clients are no less than the food you can enjoy in restaurants, but the nutritive value is outrageous than the food served in restaurants or from your favorite foods served on streets. There is no sincerer love than the love of food. Life is the combination of magic and food; feel the magic by helping your taste buds enjoy every taste.

Last, but not the least, there is no diet that will do what eating healthy does. So, skip the diet and eat healthy. Feel free to contact if you really want to enjoy a disease-free life. So if you are suffering from any disease or you want to have a perfect weight than without any hesitation visit Dietitian Shreya’s Diet Clinic or Give a ring at 7307303835.

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