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Dietitian Shreya Launches Her First Book – “A Complete Diet Guide For Women”

Recipient of Medico Pride Award, Czars of North by Hindustan Times, Lifestyle Journalist Award, and many more, Dietitian Shreya launches her first book, “A Complete Diet Guide For Women”.

When asked about what inspired her to write the book, Dietitian Shreya told that whenever attending her clients, she always realized how women put in all their efforts to feed their family members well & keep the fit while compromising their own health. This never ending compromise on part of women made her write this book.

In an interview, when asked what the book is all about, she answered that the book covers a complete life stage of women and all the diseases likely to occur in each stage along with the diet plan to cure each disease.

She then said, We went from being a one clinic space to 14 clinic spaces in the last 12 years. Today, we are a company owned non franchised 14 clinic spaces with an NGO Aharika, that gives back to the community, educating the underprivileged about nutrition, its value and how to easily avail it in our day to day lives. I am so grateful for everyone who has played a part in upholding me, my parents, my teachers, my principal, my husband and everyone that I work with.
These years of working hard, combining the very essence of my ‘creative side and my knowledge’, as my mother puts it, has given rise for me to be able to come here today, stand in front of you all, the future of our world; and say one thing alone – let my life serve as a testimony to you all of the wondrous dreams you hold within your hearts, of a better tomorrow, willingly to carve out a path for yourself in this massive world. Just remember these 3 things,
“Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire.” Believe in your dreams, they were given to you for a reason.
Believe in yourself, because these dreams were given to you alone, no one else. You’re special.
Surround yourself with people who push you to do and be better. No negativity, no drama.
Follow these 3 and you’ll be able to sleep each day with loads of determination, just like I do.
Having said all this to you wonderful people, I’d like to take the opportunity to unveil the Book Cover Launch of my new book coming soon to the markets near you, “A Complete Diet Guide For Women”.

I dedicate this to all the women around the world and hope that you all will be blessed through the information within this book.

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